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No Compromise Data Acquisition

Precision measurement and high-speed flexible communication are critical features for Data Acquisition hardware. ATI DAQ hardware and software are a complete solution with customizable options providing cost efficient and accurate data collection. ATI also offers DAQ hardware capable of communicating with 3rd party software allowing seamless integration to existing projects. 

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ATI hardware solutions provide a compact and rugged solutions ensuring high reliability in harsh testing environments where failure is not an option. The EMX data acquisition product family is based on a modular chassis design offering combinations of internal measurement module types to support different applications making it a cost per channel industry leader. The EMX has flexible communication interface options such as CAN, CAN FD and Ethernet with hardware IEEE-1588 PTP time sync. The EDAQ16P Pulse Inputs Module measures frequency associated with digital signals, such as wheel speed sensors, RPM, solenoids or switches. The DLX Compact Datalogger is a versatile all in one tool able to serve as a CAN interface, data acquisition module and datalogger. 


VISION Calibration and Data Acquisition offers a complete DAQ solution that can provide powerful yet convenient features for data analysis, data collection and connection to devices acquiring data. VISION’s screens can be tailored to collect, manage, and analyze data in the manner and format that best fits individual needs.

VISION DAQ features:
  • Allow analysis and changes while still on-line; there is no need to start or stop the application
  • Monitor data in real-time
  • ATI Plug and Play Ethernet via the Ethernet EMX 
  • Customizable gauges, dials, switches and others to view data
  • Remote dashboard for mobile devices monitors VISION that is running on a host computer