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Case Studies


Case Studies

Together with partners and customers ATI has achieved many years of experience in the automotive industry and beyond. Read about some of ATI customers’ experiences and success with our products and services.

ATI and Klaric Offer Non-Intrusive High-Voltage DAQ Solution

As the automotive industry rapidly moves to high-voltage electrified powertrain solutions, having an accurate, non-intrusive, and easy-to-install high-voltage instrumentation solution that allows vehicle OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and motorsport teams to record and analyze the performance of their electrified powertrains easily and accurately is a key requirement.

ATI & Klaric Electric Ferry High Voltage Troubleshooting

Increasingly aware of its carbon emissions footprint, the marine sector is starting to adopt powertrain electrification, particularly for short range vessels where significant cost benefits on both maintenance and fuel can be achieved.

Students Designing a Solar Electric Vehicle to Compete in Asia’s Largest Electric Solar Vehicle Championship

As the automotive industry pivots towards powertrain electrification and global electricity grids migrate towards renewable energy generation, ATI Accurate Technologies India Pvt Ltd (ATI) is involved in an initiative that combines both of these disruptive technologies into a unique engineering challenge.

Freevalve developing fully variable valve train with ATI’s VISION  Calibration and Data Acquisition 

Contrary to popular belief, the rumors of the death of the internal combustion engine (ICE) has been greatly exaggerated.  The Freevalve fully variable valvetrain technology allows for a reduction of CO2 and other emissions without the sacrifice of performance and efficiency.

Discover How VISION Software & DLX Hardware accelerates student race team’s progress

Formula Bharat, a national competition in India, based on the regulations of Formula Student Germany, and SUPRA SAEINDIA, run to the standards of the Society of Automotive Engineers. One team rapidly climbing through the ranks is Shaurya Racing, an official team of VIT University, Chennai, India.

Delta Motorsport: Developing a Micro-Turbine EV Range Extender Using ATI Products

One of the most promising projects to address the range limitation of Electric Vehicles has been undertaken by UK-based Delta Motorsport, a small but rapidly expanding high technology company with its origins in motorsport engineering consultancy. With assistance from ATI products, Delta Motorsport has developed a micro-turbine range extender, MiTRE, to free EVs from the constraints of limited range and frequent re-charging.

Humphree Marine Makes the Right Kind of Waves with ATI Products

Humphree’s focused on solving one of the biggest shortcomings with a planing or semi-planing fast boat – inherently high levels of wave resistance, which constitute roughly 50% of a vessel’s total drag. Using ATI’s CANLab Network Analysis Software and Kvaser CAN interfaces, Humphree’s team took a fresh look at this problem, to easily optimize a boat’s longitudinal pitch angle at any speed without sacrificing overall performance.

An Effective Partnership in a Competitive Industry

Ford Motor Company has for many years used calibration and rapid prototyping tools from ATI for engine management system development, in a long-term relationship that has brought benefits to both companies. When partners contribute their expertise on cutting-edge applications, both are able to stay ahead of the competition.

VISION Helps JCB Meet Emissions Challenges

Legislation to reduce vehicle emissions affects manufacturers in every sector. In the off-highway market, a demanding 5-stage process, which began in 1996, currently stands at Stage 4 in Europe (Tier 4 Final in the US) and challenges manufacturers such as JCB, the world-renowned off-highway equipment producer, to develop increasingly innovative emissions control technologies.

VISION Used to Develop the First Ever 200bhp Diesel Outboard Motor

Cimco’s OXE program relied on a tool chain supplied by ATI Sweden that included ATI VISION ECU Calibration and Data Acquisition Software, Kvaser Memorator Pro interfaces and data loggers for CAN analysis, and other data acquisition hardware.

ATI India Connecting with Ford India

ATI recognized how imperative it was to more closely support Ford India because this group plays such an important role in the success of One Ford Strategy. This mission to minimize platforms and cater to many markets requires that local Ford product-development teams be a part of the global development team to provide input in early product development to meet local needs. The result - the Ford EcoSport has become one of the most popular vehicles in India today.

VISION and Kvaser Interfaces Satisfy Requirements from Prototype to Production

Ford Dunton in the UK uses an impressive array of ATI and Kvaser products for calibration and diagnostics during the design and development of Ford’s small and medium sized cars and commercial vehicle range.

ATI Responding to Volvo Eicher

Volvo Eicher Commerical Vehicles (VECV) continues to be one of the major advocates of ATI’s local presence in India from its inception to its establishment. The formation of the ATI India office was officially announced in October 2013, and VECV took the opportunity to express their delight at receiving this news during ATI’s exhibition at the 2013 Symposium on International Automotive Technology (SIAT) in Pune, India.