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Accurate Technologies SAS

Founded in 2007, Accurate Technologies SAS (ATI France) is a supplier of software and hardware tools specializing in the MCD (measurement, calibration, and diagnostic) segment of the automotive sector. It serves France, Belgium and Spain.

ATI France's software portfolio includes its VISION ™ calibration and data acquisition tool used worldwide as well as No-Hooks / On Target ™, a patented and market-leading application for rapid prototyping of ECU and for software engineering based on modeling.

Reflecting the requirements of OEM and top tier ATI customers, the company's hardware portfolio includes serial ECU interfaces for high speed data acquisition, calibration and flashing through JTAG, OCDS, DAP2, NBD, AUD or RTD debugging.

ATI France also offers advanced DLX and EMX data loggers for thermal and analog measurements and the full range of market-leading Kvaser CANBus interfaces and loggers with up to 5 channels and CAN FD compliance compatible.

Centrally located within the Futuroscope technology park near Poitiers (86) ATI France works closely with software and hardware teams in Michigan (United States) and with partner offices in Europe to ensure a level of individual support and responsiveness that meet the requirements of our local clientele.

Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SIA) and ASAM, ATI France is strongly committed to groups active in the European sector to guarantee the sustainability of the competitiveness of its impressive product portfolio.

France's Partner Products

Are you searching for additional options that complement ATI product? Or customized solutions for special applications? Our Product Partners, with whom we closely cooperate around the world, can definitely help. Based on their expertise in specific fields, these recognized experts are a useful addition to our comprehensive portfolio – with products and systems that they independently develop and manufacture. What objective do we pursue with these cooperations? Enabling you to benefit from the most complete and efficient solutions of the highest quality. 
Race Technology
Klaric - High Voltage Measurement

Turbo Speed Sensors

Accurate Technologies is pleased to offer the well-known PICOTURN product family of rotational turbocharger speed sensors for the automotive sector. PICOTURN sensors are in widespread use in on and off-road vehicles as well as heavy equipment applications by major OEM’s and Tier Ones globally. Example user cases include engine test stations, passenger car and commercial test vehicles or auxiliary equipment; indeed any instance where precision speed measurement of aluminum or titanium compressor wheels is required.


Current Clamp Meter 
Test Cell Measurement

ATI is pleased to offer CANWAY Current Clamp Meter with Can-Interface for Test Cell measurement. User-friendly read out of measured current values via CAN bus. That allows the measured values to be transmitted interference-free to any desired evaluation unit including over large distances. 

Race Technology

Compact, Configurable Data Display

The DASH4ATI from Race Technology is a compact and highly configurable data display. The DASH4ATI can connect directly to CAN using DBC files to decode and display CAN variables. 

Klaric - High Voltage Measurement

High Voltage Measurement
Optimized for Testing New Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Klaric and Accurate Technologies Inc. (ATI) entered into a partnership in 2019. The partnership leverages the synergies between ATI’s measurement and calibration competencies and Klaric’s competitive advantage in the high voltage sector.


CAN Bus Interface Solutions
Access to the CAN Bus via a PC

ATI offers Kvaser CAN Bus interface products to complement its line of tools for any application requiring access to the CAN bus via a PC. Kvaser's full range of products is all based on the same API, CANlib. Write to just one API for use with any Kvaser platform or use them with ATI's VISION or CANLab Software.