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Klaric and Accurate Technologies Inc. (ATI) entered into a partnership in 2019 which leverages the synergies between ATI’s measurement and calibration competencies and Klaric’s competitive advantage in the high voltage sector. These data acquisition systems are optimized for testing new electric and hybrid vehicles making tasks easier, safer and faster. Klaric’s precision measurement modules have CAN, RS232 and Ethernet interfaces for monitoring data output, setting range selection, and making automated measurements or manufacturing line adjustments.


Quiescent and operating current
Two measurements at the same time


No pre-setting of the measurement range necessary
Reduces the set-up time significantly


Automatically switching sampling rate
Reduces the amount of data significantly


Automatic read out of PROBE calibration values
Improves the set-up time significantly


0.1% of the measured value, +/- 1% from -40°C to 85°C (complete chain: Module + Sensor)


Automatic creation of DBC or A2L file with a single click
Multiplexed DBC
Slim DBC Files
Charge Monitoring
Battery Management Systems Testing
HV Powertrain Testing
Motor / Inverter Efficiency Testing
Breakout Box Advantage
Charge Monitoring

*Device dependent

Charge Monitoring

Utilize the Klari charge monitor either between mains connection and charge station or charge station and vehicle to monitor charging curve parameters. The charge monitor is flexible in its monitoring parameters and connection types. Specify the charge connectors to suit your application/region. Measure current and voltage and calculate power, efficiencies and work in real-time. Connect the Klari charge monitor to VISION to synchronize data collection with additional sources or use the built-in logger to never miss measurement events. Connect VISION simultaneously to your VCC to measure and calibrate the charging curves. Finally utilize the Klari Quad / PT modules to measure temperature inside the battery during testing.
Battery Management Systems Testing

*Device dependent

Battery Management Systems Testing

Make use of the Klari Quad 2 TB8 to enable up to 16 channel high voltage data acquisition from one device. Measure the thermal and electric properties of the battery pack during charging and discharging cycles simultaneously in real-time. The Klari-Quad supports thermocouple, voltage, current and combination probes to measure all the data required in testing, verification and development of battery packs and their required control modules. Attach ATI’s VISION software to record and calibrate data from the battery management systems simultaneously producing a single time-aligned recording.
HV Powertrain Testing

*Device dependent

HV Powertrain Testing

The Klari Quad 2 enables simultaneous measurements of high voltage, current and temperature from multiple sources on your HV powertrain. The QUAD 2 is designed for in-vehicle use enabling HV powertrain testing whenever and whether you need it. Utilize Klaric’s expertise in high voltage applications with custom breakout cables, boxes containing measurement probes to suit your applications. Breakout boxes and cables can be customized to suit your vehicle to enable quick, efficient and safe installation onto your HV powertrain. Take data from Klaric high voltage data acquisition modules into ATI VISION software to combine with data from controls modules giving the full picture of the HV powertrain.
Motor / Inverter Efficiency Testing

*Device dependent

Motor / Inverter Efficiency Testing

Klaric high voltage modules enable acquisition of both AC and DC voltages/currents with calculations for power, work and frequency. Utilise this with VISION’s high quality post-processing and real-time calculations to test and verify the efficiency of inverter and electric motor combinations. Utilize VISION's advance calibration features to modify control module parameters in real-time whilst measuring output from both sides of the inverter.
Breakout Box Advantage
Here you see two, three phase electric motors, one instrumented with 2 KLARIC-PA1000 and 2 breakout boxes collecting data.
By comparison, other solutions on the market require 6 break out boxes, 6 gateways connected to two Ethernet hubs.
2 HV Breakout Modules
2 Ethernet And CAN High Voltage Modules

ATI/Klaric Solution

6 HV Breakout Modules
6 XCP Gateways
2 Ethernet Gateways

Other Solution

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