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Accurate Technologies (UK) Limited

Located near the university city of Cambridge, ATI UK was established in 2000 to provide full support for its automotive OEM and Tier One measurement, calibration and diagnostics (MCD) clients.


Throughout that time ATI UK has successfully cultivated in-house software and hardware expertise to provide exemplary local customer service, plus it also contributes to global ATI product development and has become a valued application support center for both national and international clientele.


Today, more than 20 years later, ATI UK boasts a portfolio of clients ranging from EV start-ups to global automotive OEMS and Tier Ones, as well as a growing number of customers in the vibrant renewable energy sector.


ATI customers from the UK, Turkey, the Middle East and Africa are able to benefit from the UK office’s technical and sales support, training, onsite engineering services, consultancy and bespoke hardware and software solutions.


We invite you to contact ATI UK to see how the team can add value to your business with its innovative range of MCD products and help you deliver on your development goals. 

UK's Partner Products

Are you searching for additional options that complement ATI product? Or customized solutions for special applications? Our Product Partners, with whom we closely cooperate around the world, can definitely help. Based on their expertise in specific fields, these recognized experts are a useful addition to our comprehensive portfolio – with products and systems that they independently develop and manufacture. What objective do we pursue with these cooperations? Enabling you to benefit from the most complete and efficient solutions of the highest quality. 
Pi Innovo
Race Technology
Klaric - High Voltage Measurement
Pi Innovo
OpenECU Products

Dana OpenECU product line of off-the-shelf rapid control prototyping Electronic Control Units (ECUs) are designed to allow for customization and manufactured to automotive volume production standards. OpenECU® enables reliable, efficient and fast embedded controls electronics development and is a cost effective solution for low to medium volume production applications.

Previously Pi Innovo OpenECU, Dana acquired Pi Innovo in 2021 and carries on its history of working with embedded model based controls on large complex programs for more than 20. Their OpenECU rapid controls prototyping systems have been used engineering teams to develop a broad range of prototype and production embedded controls applications in markets including automotive, heavy-duty, off-highway, autonomous vehicles and aviation (flying cars).

OpenECU combines the robustness and reliability of a production ECU with a proven user friendly rapid controls prototyping development platform. Because our controllers are designed to be customized, our customers’ specific application needs can be satisfied without compromise.

OpenECU Hardware


Ultra-compact, suited to computationally intensive applications, chassis mounted, sealed metal housing with 2x CAN interfaces. Applications include fuel system controller, engine control, Hybrid Vehicle Control Integration and more.



Smart Injector Driver Module designed to support alternate fuel management controllers such as CNG, LPG.


A compact Electronic Control Unit (ECU) suited for computationally intensive applications. The M250 adds medium current H-Bridge drivers with load current monitoring compared to M220 family of rapid control prototyping embedded controllers.



(12V) Functional Safety (ISO 26262) Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) and Vehicle Charge Control Unit (VCCU) with 4x CAN, dual microcontroller architecture, Powerline Communication (PLC) and more. Applications include Electric Vehicle or Hybrid Electric Vehicle powertrain supervisory control and charging communication with SAE J1772 and DIN 70121 standards.



(24V) Functional Safety (ISO 26262) Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) and Vehicle Charge Control Unit (VCCU) with 4x CAN, dual microcontroller architecture, Powerline Communication (PLC) and more. Applications include Electric Vehicles or Hybrid Electric Vehicles powertrain supervisory control and charging management with SAE J1772 and DIN 70121 standards.



High performance Engine Control Module (ECM) with 4x CAN, multiple input/outputs, peak/hold injectors, crankshaft & camshaft sensors and more. Applications include engine management system or Engine Control Unit (ECU) for Gasoline, Diesel or Gasoline Direct Injection (up to 8 cylinders).



Pi-EVCC is a standalone off-the-shelf charging control unit designed by Pi Innovo to meet the requirements of an Electric Vehicle Charge Controller (EVCC) or Vehicle Charge Control Unit (VCCU). Pi-EVCC adopts SAE J1771 and DIN 70121 standard for AC and DC Fast Charging



Automotive Solenoid and Motor Driver Module (SMDM) with 8x solenoid drive, brushed motor input/outputs, brushless motor input/outputs and more. Applications include PWM controlled actuators such as valves, solenoids or DC motors (brushed or brushless).


Application Software

Combined Charging System

Combined Charging System (CCS) Control Strategy is a Simulink Model Based Design control software for development of Vehicle Charge Control function in an M560 or M580. CCS control algorithm follows IEC 61851-1, DIN 70121 and SAE J1772 standards for charging. Delivered as application source code to customers.


Electric Vehicle Control Strategies

Electric Vehicle Control Strategy is a configurable Simulink Model Based Design control software to kick-start your electric vehicle supervisory control algorithm development, with seamless integration with OpenECU M560 and OpenECU M580 Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) embedded controllers. Delivered as application source code to customers.

More Info

OBD Infrastructure Software

The OBD-II Infrastructure software product guides OpenECU® developers through the complex process of implementing on-board diagnostic (OBD) data management, particularly where compliance with CARB, EPA and European emissions legislation is required.


Turbo Speed Sensors

Accurate Technologies is pleased to offer the well-known PICOTURN product family of rotational turbocharger speed sensors for the automotive sector. PICOTURN sensors are in widespread use in on and off-road vehicles as well as heavy equipment applications by major OEM’s and Tier Ones globally. Example user cases include engine test stations, passenger car and commercial test vehicles or auxiliary equipment; indeed any instance where precision speed measurement of aluminum or titanium compressor wheels is required.


Current Clamp Meter 
Test Cell Measurement

ATI is pleased to offer CANWAY Current Clamp Meter with Can-Interface for Test Cell measurement. User-friendly read out of measured current values via CAN bus. That allows the measured values to be transmitted interference-free to any desired evaluation unit including over large distances. 

Race Technology

Compact, Configurable Data Display

The DASH4ATI from Race Technology is a compact and highly configurable data display. The DASH4ATI can connect directly to CAN using DBC files to decode and display CAN variables. 

Klaric - High Voltage Measurement

High Voltage Measurement
Optimized for Testing New Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Klaric and Accurate Technologies Inc. (ATI) entered into a partnership in 2019. The partnership leverages the synergies between ATI’s measurement and calibration competencies and Klaric’s competitive advantage in the high voltage sector.


CAN Bus Interface Solutions
Access to the CAN Bus via a PC

ATI offers Kvaser CAN Bus interface products to complement its line of tools for any application requiring access to the CAN bus via a PC. Kvaser's full range of products is all based on the same API, CANlib. Write to just one API for use with any Kvaser platform or use them with ATI's VISION or CANLab Software.