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Recreational Vehicle Applications

Ideally suited for automotive OEM, Tier One, motorsport and performance aftermarket use, ATI test cell measurement equipment offers a diverse portfolio of hardware that adds value to a wide range of powertrain development possibilities across ICE (gasoline and diesel), hybrid EV and battery EVs.

ATI’s original SmartTach Module and Ignition Timing Meter (IGTM) are used extensively by engine builders and dyno operators in numerous countries to assist with internal combustion powertrain development. 

In addition, ATI’s product range includes the Eontronix Misfire Generator, PICOTURN Turbo Speed Sensors, CANWAY Current Clamps and Klaric High Voltage Measurement solutions, all of which offer plug and play ease and seamless communication, ensuring precise, reliable results. 
Data Collection
Data Collection
Recreational Vehicle Development

Data Collection

In this recreational vehicle application example you'll see a standard vehicle CAN connection via CANary and VISION Calibration and Data Acquisition software. This simple solution is due to the fact recreational vehicles tend to need repair in harsher conditions and there are less electronic units present. For this application users can utilize ATI software or third-party software via CANary's J2534 driver.
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