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Marine Sector Applications

ATI has numerous clients actively involved in the marine sector globally, where its software and hardware tools have proven to be value driven solutions. ATI’s VISION Data Acquisition and Calibration software is the ideal choice for marine engine control system development, whether for gasoline, diesel or electric applications. In addition, our EMX analog and thermocouple modules provide proven reliable data acquisition to ensure secure data capture during the powerplant validation process. The EMX’s modular based design offers a combination of I/O modules to support different applications which provides cost-effective flexibility and efficiency, while VISION offers plug and play connectivity with the EMX via ethernet or CAN/CAN FD, as well as providing real-time calibration and modification of the ECU.

In addition ATI offers Kvaser’s CANbus interfaces with NMEA connectivity to enable the seamless use with legacy systems in the marine sector. 
NMEA Hardware Data Collection
NMEA Hardware Data Collection
NMEA Hardware Data Collection

NMEA Hardware Data Collection

ATI’s VISION Software using a Kvaser CAN Interface allows for collection of NMEA Hardware data and correlate it with ECU Data for calibration test and development activities.
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