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Powerful Analysis Applied to Networks

CAN and LIN Networks have been widely adopted as the standard for in-vehicle communication between microcontrollers. Network analysis is a critical step while developing CAN or LIN bus networks. Monitoring bus integrity and troubleshooting bus traffic ensure peak performance from your network. ATI provides a complete solution offering software such as CANLab and hardware interfaces like the CANary and Kvaser in order to simplify analysis. Taking input directly from customers, ATI’s CANLab features and functionality have proven to offer increased usability compared to competitor software.   

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CANLab Network Analysis
CANLab Network Analysis

CANLab is a network analysis tool that provides a complete solution for CAN and LIN bus networks. Supporting a variety of CAN and LIN interfaces and industry standard databases to decode messages. CANLab is compatible with both CAN and CAN FD and offers support for CAN DBC and LIN LDF files.

What can you do with CANLab:

    • View message traffic (CAN Trace)
    • Log message traffic (Message Logger)
    • Send messages (CAN Send)
    • Send message logs (CAN Replay)
    • Node Emulation
    • Use databases to decode messages into signals
    • Create scripts to perform complex tasks
    • View Bus statistics
    • Post data analysis

Network Interface Products

ATI offers a complete line of Network Interface Products to capable of CAN, CAN FD and LIN communication. CANary and CANary FD are pocket sized CAN interfaces offering multiple channels capable of operating at full bus load simultaneously. ATI’s partnership with Kvaser provides additional Network Interfaces to compliment it’s line of CAN and LIN solutions. ATI Kvaser products offer the high quality expected from European designers, with excellent customer support from ATI.