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Heavy Duty Engines

ATI provides hardware and software to support the development of Heavy Truck and Bus vehicles which depend on the SAE J1939 protocol. The protocol provides a uniform perspective and handling of the most common vehicle components of various vehicle types and manufacturers. By using uniformly defined signals and data formats it’s possible to interconnect individual J1939 components based on a plug-and-play scheme, while monitoring and calibrating these various ECU’s and vehicle subsystems.

Due to the demanding standards, engine development is expensive, and truck-based engines are reused in many fields. Consequently, SAE J1939 can now be found in a range of diesel-powered applications: agricultural and construction vehicles, marine propulsion, power generation and industrial pumping.
Data Collection
Data Collection
Heavy Truck Application Wireframe

Data Collection

This user case showcases a heavy truck engine with an EMX and ECU DAQ setup. EMX connected to a verity of sensors including turbospeed sensor from AMS/ATI​
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