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Accurate Technologies

Test Cell Measurement


Unique Measurement Tools for Rugged Environments 

Test cells are an integral step for research and development providing a controlled environment for repeatable testing. Precision measurement devices are relied on to provide accurate and efficient data during testing. ATI works closely with engineers and calibrators to understand their day to day needs and provide solutions that simplify their task. 

Measurement Devices
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VISION Software
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ATI Measurement Devices

ATI’s has proudly provided precision measurement equipment for over 25 years for use in test cell development. The IGTM-2000 offers a durable aluminum enclosure that is water and oil resistant and capable of multiple connection configurations to measure ignition timing. The SmartTach is a universal measurement tool capable of reading engine RPM, vehicle speed, chassis dyno roll speed, frequency, period, pulse width and duty cycle. 

ATI Partnership Measurement Devices 

ATI’s partnerships with companies such as Klaric, CANWAY and PICOTURN offer specialty solutions for test cell development. Klaric offers a line of High Voltage Measurement Solutions for testing electric and hybrid vehicles. CANWAY Current Clamp Meters are easily installed or removed from a test cell ensuring more time for testing. The PICOTURN product family offers precision rotational speed sensor measurement in a compact and cost-effective package.