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SmartTach Module

Measure the RPM (revolutions per minute) of any type of engine using ATI's SmartTach. The SmartTach reads any pulse input from a wide range of sources such as magnetic sensor, encoders, Electronic Control Unit outputs or ignition coils. Its flexibility makes it easy to measure speed in miles or kilometers per hour.

In addition, the SmartTach also measures frequency, translating frequency to an analog output that can be monitored via a panel meter or any data acquisition device.
Product Features:
  • Analog Voltage Output proportional to measurement
  • Conditioned Digital Pulse Output
  • RS-232 serial Interface
  • Programmable Range Outputs
  • In-vehicle, stand-alone or rack mount

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EN Datasheet
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Signal Inputs/Outputs
Other Inputs/Outputs
Signal Inputs/Outputs

Signal Inputs/Outputs

 Pulse Inputs
Selectable between Spark (Coil Primary, Inductive Pickup) and Trigger (Digital, VRS) modes
Measurement range from 0.5 Hz to 500 KHz
Trigger voltage range +/-75 V
Intelligent signal conditioning in Trigger Mode
Analog Voltage Input
 Auxiliary analog voltage input used together with range outputs
Input voltage levels may be programmed along with range outputs
0 to 5 V input range
Analog Voltage Output
Optically isolated analog voltage output proportional to measurement
Programmable scaling, offset and range in engineering units
Maximum output range 0 to 10 V
12- bit D/A (+/- 0.003 V resolution)
Digital Pulse Output
Optically isolated digital 5 V conditioned pulse output corresponding to input signal
May be used to connect to other instrumentation requiring conditioned signals
Range Outputs
Three user programmable range outputs
Speed ranges for output activation may be independently programmed
Optically isolated solid state relay (contact-closure) outputs
Other Inputs/Outputs

Other Inputs/Outputs

Communication Port
 RS-232 Serial Port, 75-9600 BAUD
May be used for obtaining data from the unit and for remote configuration
 Power Supply
Requires 10-30 VDC at 10W maximum
Internal regulated power supply


Aluminum and steel, black color, water and oil resistant
Dimensions: (WDH) 141 x 138 x 39 mm / 5.57 x 5.45 x 1.52 in
Weight: 0.58 kg / 1.3 lbs


Tach Sensor


Measures engine speed when clamped around an Ignition Primary wire (with 15-pin Dsub connector); 3.66m cable

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Optical Diesel RPM Pickup
Optical Diesel RPM Pickup


Measures speed of any rotating object (includes sensor)

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Inductive Pickup


Measures spark event when clamped around a Secondary Ignition cable. 4.8m cable

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SmartTach with Rackmount System
SmartTach with Rackmount System


Includes 1 SmartTach, 1 power supply, 1 bracket, and 1 blank rack cover

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19 in 1HU Rack Mount
19 in 1HU Rack Mount


Rack mount designed for mounting one or two units in a cabinet

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DC Power Plug
DC Power


2-pin open connector

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Dual DC-Power  Plug
Dual DC-Power 


With Wire, Y-cable Adapter

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AC/DC Power  Supply
AC/DC Power 


With AC Cord

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Blank Rack Cover Plate
Blank Rack Cover Plate


Covers holes on bracket

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