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Offering an Entire Range of ECU Interface Options

ECU Interfaces provide a direct connection to an OEM ECU microcontroller via memory emulator, DAP or Aurora debugger interface. ECU Interfaces communicate using Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems (ASAM) standards such as CCP or XCP. 

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Serial Interfaces Modules

ATI offers a variety of ECU serial interfaces that enable data acquisition, the ability to read and write data directly to the ECU’s memory, and real time calibrating of ECU’s with supported microprocessors. The T1, A9 and A8 serial interfaces are connected via the microprocessor’s debugger interface. Direct connection to PC is made possible by USB and in some variants using a gigabit Ethernet both of which benefit from ATI’s plug and play connectivity. The Titan Series T1 ECU Interface product is an ultra-high-speed ECU interface that efficiently communicates to an ECU over the processor’s DAP and SGBT/Aurora interfaces. Both the T1 and A9 benefit from IEEE-1588 PTP time synchronization ensuring accurate correlation to the other acquired data. The A8 Serial Interface modules support ECU high-speed data acquisition, calibration and flashing in a single OCDS, Nexus, or DAP2 debug interface. 

CAN Network

Calibration over an existing CAN bus or other networks has existed for over a decade. Traditionally the ECU already has an existing communication network making this interface the lowest cost approach. ATI’s plug and play connectivity ensures fast and easy connection with VISION. CANary FD support for XCP communication on CAN FD with Target Controller Devices (PCM, VCM, etc.) can improve flashing times and improve data acquisition capabilities. Additionally, the classic CANary, VISION Network Hub and ATI branded Kvaser CAN hardware are capable of supporting communication from calibration and data acquisition hardware.