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Internal Combustion Engine 

The firm’s product portfolio embraces hardware, software and associated 3rd party products designed to enhance the efficient development of control systems (ECUs) and / or powertrain development for internal combustion engine (ICE) gasoline and diesel technologies.

ATI’s wide range of automotive control system development tools includes ECU Interfaces, low and high-voltage Data Acquisition modules and I/O Hardware, CANbus interfaces, plus Test Cell powertrain measuring equipment, including PICOTURN turbo speed sensors. The portfolio of powerful, user-friendly software products includes packages for Calibration/Data Acquisition, (VISION) ECU Rapid Control Prototyping (No-Hooks / OnTarget) and CANbus communication (CANLab.) 

The expanding scale of contemporary electronic control systems results in thousands of available for the calibrator to modify, so fine tuning them can be as complicated as it is critical. However, ATI tools significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the control system development process by allowing engineers to measure and time-align relationships of inputs and outputs and make real-time modifications, all in a single, adaptable software solution – VISION.

Data Collection
Data Collection
Internal Combustion Engine

Data Collection

In this wireframe, two EMXs are connected to a range of sensors (CAM sensors, thermocouples etc..) with the ECU also connect on CAN. All going into a single CANARY-FD
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