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ECU Rapid Prototyping for Those Who Simply Cannot Wait

Increased complexity in ECU development paired with shrinking development cycles make Rapid Prototyping a critical step in the development of an ECU microcontroller. Rapid Prototyping allows for testing and integration regardless of the available software and hardware. ATI’s patented software-centric method of rapid prototyping ECU’s functions within VISION Calibration and Data Acquisition providing a complete software solution capable of being used from simulation all the way to calibration. 

ECU Rapid Prototyping Software
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ECU Rapid Prototyping
Base No-Hooks 

Base No-Hooks allows the user to control and adjust global RAM variables in the ECU. Use Base No-Hooks to select variables and convert them to calibratable variables and use ATI’s VISION software interface to easily make changes. A key advantage is that there is no need for access to or modification of the ECU source code; all that is needed is the ECU executable and description files. 


OnTarget performs No-Hooks bypassing but with the added capabilities of replacing the calculation of an ECU variable value with alternative code; still without the need for any of the base ECU source code. The unique performance benefit of No-Hooks OnTarget is that the alternative code actually runs in-line with the rest of the original code directly on the target ECU with no latency.

Model Based Calibration 

Model Based Calibration (MBC) is the implementation of a Model-in-the-loop (MIL) system. The MathWorks’ tools, MATLAB® and Simulink®, provide the modeling environment and VISION MBC provides the ‘in-the-loop’ capability, integrating VISION with the model as it runs natively within the Simulink® environment.