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ECU Rapid Prototyping for Those Who Simply Cannot Wait

Increased complexity in ECU development paired with shrinking development cycles make Rapid Prototyping a critical step in the development of an ECU microcontroller. Rapid Prototyping allows for testing and integration regardless of the available software and hardware. ATI’s patented software-centric method of rapid prototyping ECU’s functions within VISION Calibration and Data Acquisition providing a complete software solution capable of being used from simulation all the way to calibration. 

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ECU Rapid Prototyping
Base No-Hooks 

Base No-Hooks allows the user to control and adjust global RAM variables in the ECU. Use Base No-Hooks to select variables and convert them to calibratable variables and use ATI’s VISION software interface to easily make changes. A key advantage is that there is no need for access to or modification of the ECU source code; all that is needed is the ECU executable and description files. 

Advanced No-Hooks 
Advanced No-Hooks is based on ATI’s patented No-Hooks technology, extending it by allowing ECU functionality to be modified by user defined functions, without access to the original ECU source code or the need for other applications such as MATLAB. Benefit from a shortened development cycle to bring products to market faster. 

OnTarget performs No-Hooks bypassing but with the added capabilities of replacing the calculation of an ECU variable value with alternative code; still without the need for any of the base ECU source code. The unique performance benefit of No-Hooks OnTarget is that the alternative code actually runs in-line with the rest of the original code directly on the target ECU with no latency.

Model Based Calibration 

Model Based Calibration (MBC) is the implementation of a Model-in-the-loop (MIL) system. The MathWorks’ tools, MATLAB® and Simulink®, provide the modeling environment and VISION MBC provides the ‘in-the-loop’ capability, integrating VISION with the model as it runs natively within the Simulink® environment.