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Intuitive Calibration for Efficiency and Creativity

VISION calibration and data acquisition software
VISION is an innovative, user-friendly, powerful comprehensive software solution that covers data acquisition, post-analysis, ECU calibration and ultimately the rapid prototyping of module functionality using patented No-Hooks technology. 

A fully integrated calibration and data acquisition tool that collates signals from ECUs and external sources, VISION collects measurements and also allows the real-time calibration and modification of closed loop control systems. In addition, VISION time aligns and facilitates the analysis of information, manages calibration data changes and enables flashing of the ECU. 

Chosen globally by major OEMs and Tier One suppliers, ATI’s VISION Software is designed to optimize end user work flow and as a result is easy to configure and operate. Users can readily convert files to and from VISION for data sharing or, in many cases, incorporate third party hardware supplied by other vendors, enabling seamless integration into legacy processes, systems and existing tools. 

For physical access to ECUs, VISION supports the full range of connectivity hardware from a simple USB CAN device to a high-speed A8 serial interface. 


Unlike competitor products, VISION is available in both cost-effective scalable toolkits and dedicated packages, each offering different levels of functionality tailored to the typical requirements of the measurement, calibration and diagnostics sector. VISION Base is the foundation of all the VISION toolkits. VISION Base can be downloaded for free from Just register, download and use some of the basic functions of VISION including the ability to configure and acquire data from all of ATI’s hardware products and use of ATI CAN network interfaces. Purchase only the toolkit functionality you need. Any toolkit addition works seamlessly within one VISION application.

Some popular pre-defined packages of toolkits include levels of data acquisition functions and ECU interface capabilities and calibration.

For a complete list of all the capabilities of VISION, contact your local ATI representative.

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Product Features

  • Easy-to-use setup and configurable views for calibration and measurement data 
  • “Plug and Play” Ethernet via Ethernet EMX 
  • Graphical Data Acquisition display objects 
  • VISION supports auto-saving of commonly used file types 
  • Flexible data recorders 
  • Integrated ECU interfaces with Calibration Manager 
  • Extensive post-processing tools 
  • API available to facilitate integration of VISION into existing or custom applications 
VISION Toolkits
VISION Dashboard


Add comprehensive calibration capabilities such as viewing and editing with 2D/3D maps, sliders, dials, and switches. Residency values are calculated indicating the length of time spent in given areas of maps and tables. Use VISION’s Calibration Manager to dynamically comparing multiple calibrations side by side in real-time to quickly identify differences between multiple sets of parameters. Create, edit, import and export ATI, ASAM CDF and CDFx files. 


  • Perform batch processes of calibration changes 
  • Mark calibratable items to track changes 
  • Allows offline calibration without an ECU 
  • Track ECU cell usage of tables and maps 
  • Allows real-time comparison to the Base or a Reference calibration 
  • Provides a wide range of editing methods: formula bars, drag and drop, manual, spinners 
  • Identify calibration status of parameters with a maturity attribute 
  • Provides integrated Calibration Manager 


Essential elements of any data analysis tool include the ability to manipulate and view data in a way that highlights results, differences, and specific events. ATI’s VISIONview enables comparisons, overlaying, and detection of data or events while easily handling data sets with 1000+ channel counts.

VISIONview’s powerful post-data analysis features include the use of XY plots, and file overlays to view data from multiple files on the same graph. Use VISIONview’s Calculated Channels to aid in analysis, Layout Templates to instantly reformat new data sets, and the convenient Recorder Catalog for quick access to your data. Import/export in popular file formats (MATLAB, MDF, HDF and ASCII) including the ability to export a reduced data set for focused analysis.


  • Support for ‘floating’ windows
  • Create multiple views of the same data set
  • Create calculations based on recorded data
  • Create Templates for quick formatting of data
  • Overlay recordings for comparison
  • Export segments of recorded data

Now Included! VISION Data Analyzer 

VISION Data Analyzer
VISION Data Analyzer (VDA) 3.0 and up is for viewing and analyzing recorded data using the industry standard ASAM MDF4 file format. As a 64-bit Windows application it supports large file sizes generated by either ATI or 3rd party software.   


  • Supports ASAM MDF4 standard file format  
  • View and overlay multiple recordings  
  • Create and share layout templates to view multiple files the same way  
  • Intuitive navigation and extensive pan and zoom functionality  
  • Spend your time analyzing data rather than configuring software  
  • Export entire/partial data sets  
  • Meticulously recrafted as 64-bit for large files  
VDA Feature Sheet


Collection and analysis are supplemented with a wide range of customizable display objects that enable viewing real time data as it is acquired by ATI’s range of data acquisition devices. Select from a collection of customizable display objects such as stripchart recorders, oscilloscopes, LEDs, gauges, and thermometers. Change colors, fonts, sizes and other appearance aspects of each individual object. 


  • Dials and gauges that provide the ability to customize acquisition screens 
  • Allows the use of multiple recorders each with its own trigger running simultaneously 
  • Stream directly to MDF allowing for larger data sets 
  • Statistical analysis including: means, peaks, medians, standard deviations, etc. for each channel 
  • Display trace data in both graphic and tabular form 
  • Simultaneous view of multiple graphs 
  • Import/Export capability of other file formats 


VISIONdaq offers recording, monitoring and analysis capabilities of not only ATI devices but also a broad range of third party CAN and CAN FD data acquisition devices. 



VISIONdaq+ includes time aligned data from ATI ECU interfaces including memory emulators and serial interfaces and other supported ECU interfaces using ASAM CCP or XCP protocols. 

All specifications are subject to change without notice.