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Kvaser CAN Bus Interface Solutions

ATI offers Kvaser CAN Bus interface products to complement its line of tools for any application requiring access to the CAN bus via a PC. Kvaser's full range of products is all based on the same API, CANlib. Write to just one API for use with any Kvaser platform or use them with ATI's VISION or CANLab Software. All USB also support the SAE J2534 and RP 1210 API as well. 

ATI supplies advanced Kvaser CAN solutions to engineers designing and deploying systems in areas as wide ranging as trucks and buses, petrol-driven and electric cars, industrial automation, avionics, construction equipment, building automation, domestic appliances, marine, medical, military, railway, telecoms, textiles and more.
Kvaser Memorator Pro 5xHS
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The Kvaser U100 is a robust, single-channel CAN/CAN FD to USB interface with reinforced galvanic isolation that squarely addresses the needs of the evolving automotive development market. Fully compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000® and DeviceNet, this is the first in a new range of
interfaces that is also suited to rugged applications in marine, industrial, heavy duty vehicle and heavy industries.
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Single Chan., CAN-USB
Multi-Chan., CAN-USB
Data Loggers & USB
High-Speed PCI-CAN
Additional Networks
Single Chan., CAN-USB

Single Channel, CAN-to-USB Interfaces

Kvaser Leaf hardware offers one of the industry’s easiest and most affordable high-speed USB to CAN interfaces. Every model in our lineup is small, flexible, ergonomically designed and compatible with software & services from over 100 technical partners.

Leaf Light HS v2


Kvaser Leaf Brochure (PDF)

Single Channel

Leaf Light HS v2 (PDF)
Leaf Light HS v2 (marine version) (PDF)
Leaf Light HS v2 J1939-13 (PDF)
Leaf Light HS v2 J1939-13 TypeII (PDF)
Leaf Light HS v2 OBDII (PDF)
Kvaser Leaf v3 (PDF)
Leaf SemiPro HS (PDF)
Leaf SemiPro LS (PDF)
Leaf SemiPro SWC (PDF)
Leaf Professional LIN (PDF)
Leaf Professional HS (PDF)
Leaf Professional LS (PDF)
Leaf Professional SWC (PDF)
Leaf Professional HS OBDII (PDF)
Leaf Professional HS v2 (PDF)
Leaf Professional HS v2 OBDII (PDF)

Rugged Packaging

U100 (PDF)
U100 C (PDF)
U100 P (PDF)
U100 X1 - J1939 (PDF)
U100 X2 - M12 (PDF)
U100 X3 - OBD II (PDF)
Leaf Professional Rugged HS (PDF)
Leaf Light Rugged HS (PDF)
Leaf Light R v2 (PDF)
Leaf SemiPro Rugged HS (PDF)


OBDII Dsub9 Adapter Cable (PDF)
OBDII Extension Cable (PDF)
Multi-Chan., CAN-USB

Multi-Channel, CAN-to-USB Interfaces

Kvaser’s USBcan hardware offers compact, reliable and cost-effective multi-channel CAN-to-USB connections. Every USBcan model is carefully engineered with our customer’s needs in mind, and they’re compatible with software & services from over 100 technical partners.

Hybrid 2xCAN/LIN


Kvaser USBcan Brochure (PDF)

Two Channels

Hybrid 2xCAN/LIN (PDF)
USBcan Light 2xHS (PDF)
USBcan R v2 (PDF)
USBcan Professional 2xHS v2 (PDF)
USBcan Professional (PDF)
USBcan Professional RJ45 (PDF)

Four Channels

USBcan Light 4xHS (PDF)
USBcan Pro 4 (PDF)
USBcan Pro 4 Silent (PDF)

Five Channels

USBcan Professional 5xHS (PDF)


OBDII Dsub9 Adapter Cable (PDF)
OBDII Extension Cable (PDF)
Data Loggers & USB

Combined Data Loggers & USB Interfaces

Kvaser’s Memorator hardware offers incredible performance and value, as both a datalogger and CAN-to-USB Interface. The Kvaser Eagle is not only a dual channel CAN to standard USB high-speed data logger but is also capable of running user-developed scripts to suit a wide selection of CAN bus applications. All data logger products support high-speed CAN and log data from the CAN bus to either internal memory or a standard SD disk up to 64GB.

Memorator Light HS


Kvaser Memorator Brochure (PDF)

Two Channels

Memorator Light HS (PDF)
Memorator Light HS v2 (PDF)
Memorator HS/SWC (PDF)
Memorator 2xHS v2 (PDF)
Memorator Professional 2xHS v2 (PDF)
Memorator Professional HS/HS (PDF)
Memorator Professional HS/LS (PDF)
Eagle (PDF)

Five Channels

Memorator Professional 5xHS (PDF)

Rugged Packaging

Memorator R SemiPro (PDF)


OBDII Dsub9 Adapter Cable (PDF)
OBDII Extension Cable (PDF)


Blackbird v2

The BlackBird v2’s ability to leverage existing wireless infrastructure makes it ideal for replacing cumbersome cables, accessing hard-to-reach CAN networks, or for monitoring a CANbus while in motion. Based on a radio chip that is Wi-Fi certified and meets CE and FCC standards, it works in both Ad Hoc and Infrastructure modes.

Single Channels

Blackbird v2 (PDF)
Air Bridge

Kvaser Air Bridge Light HS is a configuration-free wireless CAN bridge that achieves predictable latency, without sacrificing stability or range.

Single Channels

Air Bridge (PDF)


Kvaser Ethercan Light HS

The Kvaser Ethercan Light HS is a CAN-to-Ethernet interface that facilitates the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) concept within modern manufacturing environments by enabling data from any CAN product or system to be accessed over the Internet, via an Ethernet-equipped PC.

Single Channel

Ethercan Light HS (PDF)

Ethercan HS (PDF)

DIN Rail

Kvaser DIN Rail SE400S-X10 is a multichannel, programmable Ethernet to CAN/CAN FD interface for DIN Rail mounting. With four CAN/CAN FD channels and supports up to four optional Kvaser DIN Rail SE400S-X10 I/O add-on modules across three different variants; analog, digital and relay. Ideal for automotive test cell or end-of-line production test applications, the Kvaser SE400S-X10 can download and run programs created in the Kvaser t programming language, such as diagnostics routines to test automotive body control modules. 

Four-channel CAN/CAN FD

DIN Rail (PDF)
DIN Rail Analog (PDF)
DIN Rail Digital (PDF)
DIN Rail Relay (PDF)
DIN Rail SE410S (PDF)

High-Speed PCI-CAN

High-Speed PCI to CAN Interfaces

Kvaser’s PCI hardware offers the industry’s most flexible, high-performance PCI-based highspeed CAN interfaces. Every model in our lineup is carefully engineered, and compatible with other software & services.

Kvaser PCIEcan 4xHS


Kvaser PCI Brochure (PDF)


PCIcanx 4xHS (PDF)
PCIcanx HS (PDF)

PCI Express


PCI Mini Express

Mini PCI Express HS v2 (PDF)
Mini PCI Express 2xHS v2 (PDF)
Mini PCI Express HAv2 DS (PDF)
Mini PCI Express 2xHAv2 DS (PDF)


PC104+ HS/HS (PDF)


Q Cable (PDF)
Additional Networks

Additional Networks

Hybrid 2xCAN/LIN


Compatible with both LIN 1.3 and 2.x, the Kvaser Leaf Professional LIN incorporates advanced features like error handling, silent mode for analyzing tools.

Hybrid 2xCAN/LIN (PDF)

Leaf Professional LIN (PDF)

SAE J1587

SAE J1587

Kvaser Linx is a single channel, add-on cable that provides access to a J1587 bus network. It connects to your existing Kvaser High Speed CAN interface or Datalogger in series.

Linx J1587 (PDF)
All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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