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DC Booster

DC Booster

ATI's unique DC Booster Module provides a reliable constant voltage if the supply drops below 12 volts to vehicle test instrumentation during engine cranking or any other low battery event. Rather than using a dedicated, bulky auxiliary battery, the small, cost-effective DC Booster does not need special wiring or installation, fits in tight places and can be re-used from vehicle to vehicle.
Product Features:
  • Above an input voltage of 12 VDC, the supply voltage is passed through
  • Below 12 VDC, low input voltages are boosted to 12VDC

No Software Required

DC Booster

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(3) Power, boost, full status
Power Input Voltage / Current
3.5-18 VDC / up to 30 A
 Power Output Voltage / Current 12-18 VDC / 7.5 A max
 Protection Protection for over-temperature condition
DC power input: LEMO 1B-Series 3-pin
DC power output: LEMO 1B-Series 3-pin
Auxiliary banana jacks
Temperature Range
-40 °C to +85 °C / -40 °F to +185 °F
135 x 93 x 29 mm / 5.31 x 3.66 x 1.14 in
 480 g / 16.9 oz


U Adapter(Hub/ DC Booster)
U Adapter(Hub/ DC Booster)


Joins power connectors for stacked VISION Hub and DC Booster; 90° 3-pin LEMO 1B connectors.

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Power  Cable


VISION Hub power cable (1.83 m/6 ft, 3.66 m/12 ft or 10.1 m/33 ft).

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Mounting  Brackets


Side mounting brackets for stacked VISION Hub and/or auxiliary modules

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