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April 26, 2018

Message Based Protocol

Messaged Based Protocol (MBP) brings the unprecedented levels of measurement performance offered with the EMX to any CAN-based acquisition system. MBP is configured using the Hardware Configuration Utility, which is a free download available on ATI’s website. MBP enables custom formatting of EMX data on CAN so that it is easily read by a vast array of applications, allowing users to define the messages they want to send and receive.

Configurations for the EMX devices are saved using Message Based Protocol (.mbp) files. This allows users to easily configure multiple EMX equipped test setups. The Hardware Configuration Utility requires one of the following CAN interfaces; Kvaser, J2534 Device or a VISION Network Hub.

MBP functionality was introduced in EMX firmware 1.3.6. A simple firmware update enables MBP functionality on all EMX units.
Features of MBP:-
  • Transmits user defined CAN messages that can be easily decoded using a CAN DBC file
  • Can transmit different CAN message ID’s at different rates
  • Supports any combination of 11 bit or 29 bit CAN identifiers
  • Selectable CAN bit rate
  • No special hardware required after setup, MBP communicates with any CAN device
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