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February 10, 2017

Explore the New Data Analyzer for MDF4 Files

Data Analyzer
The new Data Analyzer for MDF4 file formats is the highlight of the recently introduced VISION Tool Suite - VISION Calibration and Data Acquisition Software’s expansive and flexible platform for future features. The requirement for Data Analyzer has been driven by the fact that the MDF4 file format was pushing the limits of the existing VISION Data Analysis and Viewer, so an all-new architecture has been developed by Accurate Technologies’ Software Team.

Specifically developed to support extremely large data sets, video and audio content, plus streaming directly to file, the MDF4 format significantly reduces the impact on PC memory, making it possible to handle the increasing demands of data collection. Therefore, the first file format supported by the new Data Analyzer is ASAM’s MDF version 4.1.


Data Analyzer can be used to view simple MDF v4 Recording files or large files viewed through the standard VISION Software. Recorded data is presented in a format similar to the traditional VISION Data Analysis and Viewer, except when opening multiple recordings in the new Data Analyzer, users have the ability to view recordings side by side. As in the existing Data Viewer, each recording appears as a separate tab, but the VISION Tool Suite framework allows the viewing of multiple tabs at once. Users can also exploit the ability to reposition tabs to display recordings side by side or to move the entire tab to a separate window to boost productivity

The functionality of the Data Analyzer is similar to the current Data Viewer but has some additional features such as:

  • The ability to view graphs on multiple monitors
  • Trace visibility in the horizontal scrollbar that makes it easy to locate events in the data set
  • Cross hair cursors that will track channel data
  • Support of extremely large data sets by only loading the needed channels, making the system much more responsive using less memory
  • Screen capture features that make it easy to copy a graph view or save it as an image
  • The ability to save overlaid data files
The process of saving recordings is also different in the Data Analyzer. Currently in VISION, a recording is opened and then a layout is applied to the recording. Then, when saving the file with the template applied, the file is changed because it includes the template information. Saving in the new Data Analyzer does not alter the original data set. The layout opened will use the last data file opened.

The Data Analyzer also complements the DLX Datalogger capabilities. The DLX records directly to MDF 4.1 version files and can be mounted as a USB storage device. This allows you to use the new Data Analyzer to view data directly from the DLX. This eliminates the need for an upload utility for file format conversion or removing the storage media to access recorded data.

The new Data Analyzer is available with the 152-0011-VISION Data Analysis and Viewer Toolkit. For more information about the Data Analyzer and the latest 5.0 version of VISION Software, to upgrade, or to download a free trial copy, please visit or contact your local ATI representative.
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