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September 23, 2018

Discover speed and flexibility with VISION 5.2

multiple monitors
VISION 5.2 is feature rich and offering improvements designed for the quality and performance that VISION users are accustomed to, one of VISION 5.2’s flagship features is support for ‘floating’ windows. The floating window feature delivers improved workflow and efficiency by allowing the VISION workspace to share multiple monitors (i.e. HDMI, Display Port, USB, etc.) to provide greater user interface flexibility.

VISION 5.2 also enables users to leverage the speed of Ethernet connectivity via support for ATI’s all new Ethernet EMX DAQ module. The B-Chassis 160-0030 Ethernet EMX incorporates 2xHSA8D and 1xSPS I/O modules providing 16 Analog Inputs and 16 Sensor Power Outputs. Ethernet connectivity liberates the EMX from the bandwidth limitations of classical CAN networks, providing the ability to acquire analog inputs at data rates up to 10 kHz per channel simultaneously.

With a priority on ease of use, the Ethernet EMX DAQ module incorporates ATI’s “Plug and Play” Ethernet technology, making connection simple, fast and reliable.

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