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June 5, 2017

New Accessories: EDAQ Break Out Box to EMX Cables

ATI announces the availability of two new cables which enable use of existing EDAQ break out boxes (BOBs) with EMX Data Acquisition Modules without requiring sensor connection modifications. Cable number 150-0223 connects an EDAQAI or P BOB to a B-chassis (which has a 64-pin Autosport connector) EMX Module. The second cable, number 150-0222 connects an EDAQAI or P BOB to an A-chassis (which has a 41-pin Autosport connector) EMX Module. Example user applications are shown below.

EDAQ Break Out Box to EMX Cables
The cables required for connecting existing EDAQ Breakout Boxes to A-chassis and B-chassis EMXs are listed on the EMX website page of the ATI website:

These cables aid in the product transition created by the End of Life Announcement of the following two data acquisition modules:
  • EDAQ16AI Analog Input Module (part number 160-0001)
  • EDAQ16T Thermocouple Module (part number 160-0002)
This EOL will take effect on September 30th, 2017.

For details concerning this EOL and a list of the variety of replacement EMX products available, read the EOL Announcement.
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