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March 16, 2017

End of Life for Two Data Acquisition Products

Accurate Technologies Inc. (ATI) announces the End of Life for two data acquisition products:
  • EDAQ16AI Analog Input Module (part number 160-0001)
  • EDAQ16T Thermocouple Module (part number 160-0002)

This EOL will take effect on September 30th 2017.

It is important to note that the EDAQ16P Pulse Counter Module is still available.

These products have been replaced with the advanced EMX Data Acquisition Series of products that offer significantly enhanced features compared to the EDAQ modules and a wide range of mixed channel configurations. Each EMX module delivers improved data acquisition accuracy and significant programmability for maximum customization in compact, rugged packages at a competitive cost per channel.

Consider ATI’s suggested EDAQ replacement products or review the entire EMX product offering to select the best device for your desired application.

EDAQ16AI Analog Input Module Replacement Options

Suggested EMX modules to replace the specific EDAQ16AI Module are as follows:

  • EMX.A.CC.LSA8DX2: 16 LS analog channels (PN: 160-0006)
  • EMX.B.CC.HSA8DX2: 16 HS analog channels (PN: 160-0008)
The 16 channel EDAQ16AI module can be replaced with one of two EMX 16 analog channel options, 16 LS or 16 HS channels. Limited specification LS channels provide cost-effective precision analog measurement for general use. The HS analog channels offer uncompromising high-end analog measurement for applications requiring wider measurement ranges that span +25mV to 70V and high cutoff frequencies.

Both LS and HS channels offer significant advances beyond the features of the EDAQ Analog module. All EMX analog channels include improved anti-aliasing filters, wider input voltage ranges, and faster sample rates compared to those of the EDAQ. Each set of 8 analog channels also includes two software configurable 3 to 15VDC sensor power outputs. Finally, the EDAQ had a single 13-bit resolution Analog to Digital Converter that sampled the channels sequentially while the EMX has one 14-bit Analog to Digital Converter for each channel for more accurate simultaneous sampling.

Other choices with additional (or fewer) channels, channel types, or low current sensor power supplies are also available.

EDAQ16T Thermocouple Module Replacement Options
Suggested EMX modules to replace the specific EDAQ16AI Module are as follows:
  • EMX.A.CC.TC10X1: 10 thermocouple channels (PN: 160-0015)
  • EMX.A.CC.TC10X2: 20 thermocouple channels (PN: 160-0012)
  • EMX.B.CC.TC10X3: 30 thermocouple channels (PN: 160-0007)

The 16 channel Thermocouple EDAQ product is replaced with improved performance and many channel counts: 10, 20 or 30 channels in a single unit. The EMX thermocouple units accommodate a much wider range of thermocouple types including B, E, J, K, N, R, S, and T and benefit from increased sample rates, better anti-aliasing filtering, and a 24-bit Analog to Digital Converter for each channel.


Other module choices with additional LS or HS analog channels or low current sensor power supplies are also available.


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