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Webinar Quiescent Current Measurements in EV and PHEV 

Looking for ways to do high accuracy, non-intrusive amperage testing and datalogging in EV and PHEV test environments? ATI is offering a free webinar on June 19th, 2024 to learn how ATI and our partner Klaric DE can reduce instrumentation time, increase measurement accuracy, and improve vehicle battery life. 
Webinar Topics:
  • Understanding quiescent current
  • Tools for current measurement
  • Best practices for non-destructive instrumentation
  • Demonstration on vehicle showing installation and use of Klaric current probes and datalogger


June 19th

Meet Your Trainers

Prentice Gardner

Account Manager

Approaching 2nd year with Accurate Technologies. Prentice is a dynamic sales professional with over 20 years of sales expertise in building partnerships and retaining key accounts within the hospitality and heavy equipment industries. Prentice's robust background in customer relationship management brings a consumer-focused approach to the industry while partnering with our customers to aid in achieving their development goals.

Jeff Kittka

Executive Director, Product Design

Jeff Kittka started at ATI over 27 years ago coming in with a background in Automotive end of line testing and hand held diagnostic tool development. He has extensive experience in ECU calibration and data acquisition systems. This included working with CAN, LIN, K-Line, Ethernet and other physical layers used in vehicle communication. Being involved in vehicle communications for over 3 decades has honed his diagnostic and trouble shooting skills.

Rene Buenger

International Sales Manager

Rene Buenger is the international sales manager of Klaric Germany, a highly driven specialist in technical sales with a focus on sensors, data acquisition, and data analysis. With over 25 years of experience, he has been instrumental as an international sales manager for well-established data acquisition system manufacturers from Germany. Rene has extensive application knowledge ranging from test benches for electric motors to aircraft testing. He collaborates with clients globally in industries such as automotive, aerospace, civil engineering, railway, power plants, wind turbines, and more.

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