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Novi, Michigan, USA - 24th September, 2019

Accurate Technologies Inc. announces commercial agreement with CANWAY Technology Engineering


ATI is pleased to announce that it has entered into a sales and commercial partnership with CANWAY Technology Engineering. CANWAY is a German based company known for producing high end electronics specializing in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Embedded Computing. Established in 1992, CANWAY has provided solutions for the automotive industry and energy sector for over 25 years. This partnership, which covers several key sales territories in Europe, the Americas and beyond, provides ATI customers with new innovative products for data acquisition and test cell measurement with same high reliability and intuitive designs they are accustomed to.

CANWAY’s CW-401 MKII is a precision clamp style meter that communicates with ATI’s CAN interfaces and ATI branded KVASER interfaces. The CW-401 provides contactless measuring in ranges rated at ±10 A, ±30 A, ±50 A and ±150 A. The small and robust case make it a perfect solution for hard to reach places such as vehicle engine compartments. Boasting both temperature compensation and sensor position- and remanence correction, this device offers incredible accuracy in an easy to install solution.

Key Features:
  • High accuracy 1 % additionally ±50 mA
  • Temperature range -40 °C to +120 °C
  • Temperature compensation, sensor position- and remanence correction
  • Output of the measuring values via CAN-bus 2.0
  • Robust aluminum case
  • Small form factor, for application to hard-to-reach measuring points
  • Factory calibration (DAkkS on request)
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