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ATI Product Training

ATI offers hands-on training to our customers globally. The courses offered by ATI are designed for our customers to gain complete understanding of our product concepts, functions, and features. Through instructor led demonstrations and hands-on simulations, our students will be able to apply what they have seen and heard to their on-the-job activities.

Examples of our Most Popular Classes:

All of our classes can be conducted at any of our ATI facilities or at your location when needed. To determine your training needs or to schedule training, contact your local ATI office. ATI also has a variety of recorded webinars and training sessions available on YouTube. 

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Review VISION basics, such as Getting Started steps, building Screens, calibrating with VISION, and viewing or analyzing data.

Advanced VISION

Learn more about the time-saving, advanced features offered by VISION, including those in the latest release. Topics such as customization, Calibration Manager, advanced table views and templates will be covered and illustrated with practical examples.

ECU Rapid Prototyping

Step through proper setup of No-Hooks software and learn how to perform actual modification of ECU parameters and algorithms. Learn about unique functions that make this patented product so unique. Review examples to expand the capabilities of your own processes.

API Scripting

Review VISION's API capabilities to see how other users innovate processes and automate tasks to decrease costs while enhancing productivity. Check out the resulting flexibility that scripting provides through real world examples.

Introduction to CANLab

This class covers getting set up and running with CANLab software. Learn more about using CAN with VISION, CAN Message functionality, and configuring CAN interface hardware. 

ECU Interfaces

Discover how serial interfaces are used in the calibration of and data acquisition from ECUs and review functions and capabilities of each type of interface.