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The foundation of ATI product philosophy is flexibility: the ability to work with our customers to anticipate their needs now and in the future. This includes participating with standards committees and ensuring compatibility with complementary products customers use, such as ATI partners, hardware tools and development ECUs.

ATI also prides itself on offering its customers all approaches to ECU microcontrollers for development, calibration and test – that includes memory emulation, serial interfaces and CAN-based interfaces. This promise to our customers requires close partnerships with the microcontroller suppliers.


ATI understands that its customers may have legacy equipment or require other products for use in their applications and prides itself with its VISION Software's uncommon broad compatibility with other products.

Exxod Inc.
Pi Innovo
Race Technology
New Eagle


Working closely with the following microcontroller suppliers ensures that ATI is ready to support the full range of Electronic Control Unit interfaces to meet customer price and performance requirements now and in the future. 
NXP Semiconductors
ATI and NXP Semiconductors have had a long partnership, offering some of the first parallel memory emulators and serial interfaces for the latest microcontrollers that have included this port.
Micro Family InterfaceATI Product
 MPC5xx  Data & Address Bus  M5/M6 Memory Emulators
 S12x JTAG Interface A7 Serial Interface Module
 MPC5xxx  Data & Address Bus; Vertical Interface 

JTAG Interface 
 M6V Memory Emulator 

A7/A7B/A8 Serial Interface Modules 
Renesas Electronics Corporation
Renesas Electronics Corporation has provided debugger ports for the microcontrollers used for powertrain control modules. ATI has provided the following support taking advantage of the convenient interface directly to the microcontroller. Thanks to the addition of this port, serial interfaces are preferred over the more expensive memory emulator. 
Micro Family InterfaceATI Product
V850  NBD Interface  A7/A7B Serial Interface Module 
 SH2/SH2A AUD/AUD II Interface   A7/A7B Serial Interface Module 
 M32R  RTD and/or JTAG Interface A7/A7B Serial Interface Module 
 V850E2 JTAG Interface  A7 Serial Interface Module
 RH850  JTAG Interface  A8 Serial Interface Modules 
Infineon Technologies AG
Infineon Technologies AG offerings include popular microcontrollers that also have debugger ports. The ATI A8 Serial Interface supports high speed ECU data acquisition, calibration and flashing through the DAP2 debugger port. 
Micro Family InterfaceATI Product
 C166/167 Data and Address Bus 
 M5 Memory Emulator 
 TriCore TC17xx/TC2xx/TC3xx  JTAG Interface 

DAP2 Interface 
 A7/A7B Serial Interfaces Modules 
A8 Serial Interface Modules 

A8 Serial Interface Module 


ATI understands that standards are the key to providing compatibility and seamless functionality between products. Participating with standards committees allows ATI to monitor industry trends but also to contribute with its broad customer experience.


ATI has been a long time member of Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems. ASAM coordinates the development of technical standards that allow development process tools to be interconnected and provide a seamless exchange of data. The ASAM standards define protocols, data models, file formats and application programming interfaces (APIs) for the use in the development and testing of automotive electronic control units. ATI team members have offered input based their broad customer calibration experience and authored a number of standards, most notably for Device Description and Memory Image file formats needed for calibration. Currently, ATI is participating on the “Calibration Sequence Description Language (CSL)” and “API for Plug-On Devices (POD Access)” project teams.

SAE J1939

The SAE J1939 communications network is developed for use in heavy-duty environments and suitable for horizontally integrated vehicle industries. The SAE J1939 standard provides the data parameters and messages for information exchange between the ECU applications connected to the SAE J1939 communications network. ATI is a participating member of the SAE J1939 standards committee and regularly attends meetings to provide input for its commercial vehicle customers. ATI offers J1939 compatibility with all its software products including VISION Calibration and Data Acquisition Software and CANLab Network Analysis Software.

Manufacturing ISO Certified

TRC ISO Certified

Evidence of ATI’s dedication to quality control can be found in Manufacturing, boasting an ISO 9001:2015 certification. Maintaining an ISO certification requires an annual audit and is a testament to ATI’s ability to produce consistent quality products thanks to the Quality Management Systems that are in place.