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The Role of GPS in Vehicle Calibrations

24.04.12 10:40 AM By Steven - Comment(s)
GPS in vehicle calibrations. With the usage of ATI’s VISION 7.0 Calibration and Diagnostics software, the capabilities of GPS are further enhanced, providing automotive professionals with advanced tools to precisely tune and optimize vehicle systems based on GPS data.

ATI's Custom Screen Control Objects

24.03.26 12:25 PM By Steven - Comment(s)

In the realm of accessibility and user experience, the latest version of ATI's VISION data acquisition and calibration software stands out with its innovative Custom Screen Control (CSC) Objects. Released with VISION 7.0 on February 29th, 2024, CSC unleashes the ability to craft accessible interface...

Accelerating Sustainable Mobility

24.03.26 08:33 AM By Steven - Comment(s)

The MUBIL Mobility Expo, held at the Ficoba Exhibition Centre in Irún, Basque Country, Spain, serves as a pivotal platform for innovation in sustainable mobility. Bringing together public and private entities, it addresses the pressing needs ...

Polling and/or Tracing

24.03.06 08:33 AM By Steven - Comment(s)

In the realm of data acquisition, two primary methodologies reign supreme: polling and tracing. These approaches serve as the backbone for capturing crucial data from sensors or measurement devices, each offering distinct advantages and tailored use cases. The decision between polling and tracing hi...


24.02.26 01:00 PM By Steven - Comment(s)

ATI is thrilled to announce the launch of VISION 7.0, the latest iteration of its software suite. Engineered to meet the evolving needs of automotive professionals, VISION 7.0 introduces features and enhancements that improve the calibration and diagnostic experience to unprecedented levels of sophi...

64-bit Architecture

24.02.19 03:17 PM By Steven - Comment(s)

The choice between 64-bit and 32-bit architecture depends on the specific use case and requirements. Most of today’s CPU architecture uses 64-bit processors whereas 32-bit processors are now considered obsolete. So, what are the advantages of 64-bit over 32-bit technology and why is VISION changing ...

USB 3.0 vs. 2.0

24.02.19 11:21 AM By Steven - Comment(s)

You may be comfortable and familiar with USB 2.0, but ATI is now launching an Automotive Ethernet adaptor (the AE-1000) with USB 3.0. What does this change signify? Well, you can step into the fast lane of data transfer with USB 3.0 – a technological leap that not only outpaces its predecessor by up...


24.02.12 03:17 PM By Steven - Comment(s)

Through ATI’s VISION ECU Calibration, Data Acquisition and Diagnostics software, an ASAP 3 host can be set up to remotely control devices for automated tests using the ASAP 3 communication protocol. This remote-control capability is advantageous for engineers who need to access specific items during...

Accurate Technologies Blog 

24.02.12 03:17 PM By Rachael - Comment(s)
Accurate Technologies Blog 

Greetings and a warm welcome to the official blog of Accurate Technologies Inc. It gives the ATI team immense pleasure to launch this platform where it will be sharing insights, updates and stories from the heart of the organization.

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